10 reason to buy a home in North Cyprus

Have you ever thought to live in a place like a part of paradise before? Just read our this blog and maybe you can get an idea.

1) It Isn’t Like A Country, It’s Like A Paradise
Population is 320.000 and it is with the expats. Lets calculate London’s population, it is around 9 million. Even capital city Nicosia’s population is 80.000, sorry we called city.

2) No Traffic Jar
Almost everyone has own car, it is hard to see a traffic jar. Couple of times in year traffic jars which was not end for 15 minutes if i am going to be honest. I repeat ‘’15 minutes’’. Let me stop speaking cause if L.A. located friends see this they might cry.

3) There Is No Overtime
We are happy that they do not know how to do overtime. They only know any ideas about it but they do not know how to do it. You do not need to kill your day at job.

4) Currency
In North Cyprus real estate bazaar usually works with GBP. And GBP is the most preferable currency in realated countries of North Cyprus. For example in İstanbul(which a city in related country) you can buy a 3+1 apartment around 400.000 TRY. But with this investment you haveto wait 10 year for make profit. In North Cyprus no needed anything like that cause if GBP is up(everytime it s up)it is mean that you made profit.

5) Low Rates And Good Loan Campaigns
Some of realated Turkish banks are doing campaigns every period of the year. So for buying a home you do not need to wait for a campaign.

6) Easy Live Permit
Many European and other countries are everytime make the live permit having harder. But in North Cyprus you do not have to be afraid about it. With buying a home you can have live permit or even citizenship.

7) The Best Sunny Weather
The weather is everytime sunny. Winter is start in january till the mid of the may and you can not find so many pictures for North Cyprus winter.

8) Low Crime Rates
Cyprus has been plagued by a history of severe conflict between the Greeks and Turks as both these nations have sought to claim this island, without any clear result.
While instances of petty theft are reported (especially by tourists and expats) on a frequent basis, the crime rate across this island is very low. Travelers are therefore generally advised to keep their passports, money and valuables in a safe place. Female travelers should exercise the usual precautionary measures that they would in any other foreign country.

9) Everything is Nearby!
You don’t need to think too much what to do? Everything is nearby. The beaches, sidewalks and many more. Come and discover.

10) Cypriot Kitchen
Cyprus kitchen has so many undiscovered choices in it. Even enter a supermarket you can find fresh halloumi cheese and also hummus. If want to visit a restaurant don’t forget to eat şeftali kebab and Cypriot meatball or many seafood and fresh handmade mezzes.

We hope that we gave right reasons to buy a home North Cyprus.Come and join this undiscovered life style…

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