Apartment for sale in North Cyprus

As Cyprus ProBuilder, we are proud of being the only address for having the desired apartment or house in Northern Cyprus. You will be able to have a property that you want from the most special places of the TRNC with the affordable options that we will offer to our valued customers from our projects. We provide quality real estate marketing service by gathering transparent service under a roof with expert staff. TRNC apartments for sale, TRNC rental apartments, TRNC land for sale such as real estate areas are serving.

Buy an Apartment in TRNC
Interest in foreign countries is very high in Northern Cyprus. Our Russian, English and Israeli customers, especially with no worries, are buying themselves with the right property. As Cyprus ProBuilder, this purchase supply is concentrated day by day, we provide all kinds of support to you as real estate experts. We also offer consultancy services for foreign nationals to be in favor of purchasing a property that is created. You can get support from us at any time of the day.

Necessary Conditions to Purchase an Apartment in TRNC
In order to become a property owner in the TRNC, those who do not have TRNC citizenship must first obtain a permit to purchase property in the TRNC state and then find a new apartment for sale. This permission is in a short time. At this stage, a postage fee should be paid to the Tax Office. In particular, foreign nationals have the right to receive a maximum of one home from the TRNC. Married people are considered a person. However, when the surnames of the couples are different, they have about 2 houses.

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