Brand New Escape Point ‘’North Cyprus’’

In these days there so many people start to hear North Cyprus name in friend meets. Was we knows it before a couple years?

Answer have to be ‘’probably’’ for this question,

Actually Northern Cyprus is an old escape point address under lots of people knowledge even the people who lives in other parts of the world caused by the beaches, real mediterranean kitchen, almost every months sunny weather and many more it s easy to enter this undiscovered destination like saying 1,2,3.

For enter to Southern Cyprus having an EU passport is a must. For North Cyprus it’s easy to enter till 3 months without visa with personal ID card. But with everyone’s knowledge this paradise country it has never being famous like the other famous destinations. So it stayed an undiscovered paradise.

How to come North Cyprus?
Everyone can travel to North Cyprus easily with a scheduled flight from Istanbul. Before travel don’t forget to check ‘’Do you need visa for Turkey?’’ for North Cyprus no visa needed for many countries.

In Northern Cyprus you can get citizenship with buying a home that’s why so many investors prefer to make investor in North Cyprus. Caused by GBP currency value and own tourism bazaar.

The tourism bazaar of North Cyprus is every time in high level in every period of the year caused by the sunny weather .In Northern Cyprus local people lives summer season around 6 moths. And in those periods many travelers can’t find places in hotels. About the local and international tourist population.
And for reason so many investor who knows their own job very well they every time to offer buy a home from North Cyprus.

In our this recent news we are just gave any info how to come North Cyprus and how North Cyprus is under knowledge the persons, for more blog please keep in touch with us.

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