Cyprus House Deals

Cyprus, which is one of the three major islands of the Mediterranean, consists of two countries: the Turkish and the Greek.

Gained the description of ‘Yavru Vatan’ from Turkey North Cyprus might be same in so called but when get closer this description shows the differences. Those who want to meet the sheltering requirements on this island, where the Turkish population is around 30%, complains about house prices. Although most of the people of Cyprus live in the houses of their ancestors, newly wed couples and for some reason new buildings have to be built for those who migrate to Cyprus. In terms of logistics, companies that are using 38% sea transportation, have to be added to the total cost of logistics costs in the home sales as well as the market costs in the Cypriot housing sector. Due to the different cost areas, Cyprus house prices are also greatly affected. We bring together those who want to meet the sheltering needs of the people and the people of Cyprus and those who want to evaluate their property under one roof and provide great convenience to both sides.

What are Cyprus House Prices?
Our institution, which meets the sheltering needs of both the people of Cyprus and the migrants with its professional staff who has been in the real estate sector for many years, meets the needs of both parties in the most reasonable way by identifying the amounts that will not cause both the owner of the property and the customer in the work done within the scope of the Cyprus house prices. Our experienced staff will provide you with all your accommodation requirements in order to meet your budget. The Cyprus housing market is generally working with the British currency, Sterling. That’s why the prices are different against the Turkish Lira.

Why House Prices Rise in Cyprus
Our institution and expert staff active in the Cyprus real estate sector foresaw that the prices are high because the supply-demand balance in the home prices of Cyprus is uneven. We are aware of the fact that the demands of the property owners have become solid due to the low number of housing in Cyprus.

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