Cyprus land prices

Cyprus is a decent island country with two different countries in the Mediterranean. It is the third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been an attractive country for investors from almost all countries of around the world. Investment offers many different options for those who are looking for land for housing, workplace construction. The prices of these lands are on the rise due to the British pound sterling, which is widely used in the real estate market in Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus land prices
Land prices may increase due to the sea view ın North Cyprus. Sea view is also the places where tourism is intense, such as Kyrenia, Famagusta and İskele. The prices of the lands in these locations are determined at higher rates because they offer sea views. The fact that the land with sea view will be used for housing or work place does not affect the situation and the price range determines the property of the land. The proximity to the main road and stops, the lack of infrastructure problems and the location of the land are among the important factors determining the price.

Cyprus land prices and options
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