Cyprus Property Options

You can reach your dream home by contacting us about Cyprus property construction works. We are at your service with modern structured projects for those who want to live in Kyrenia, students and those who want to invest. The first address of those who want to buy a house from Girne with an international service quality is Cyprus Probuilder construction office. You can contact us by using the numbers on the site or by filling in the contact forms. There are always different options for new arrivals in Kyrenia, for those who cannot decide on the home and for students. Kyrenia’s most elite concept of the unique architecture of our website will inspire you can examine our projects.

Cyprus Real Estate and Central Information
Cyprus ProBuilder, which has determined its place in the construction sector of Cyprus for many years, serves you with our projects in the most valuable locations.

Close to the Beach House and Villas
For those who can not do without sea, our projects within walking distance to the beach are open to your liking. You can visit our office to get information about the most popular housing types with different room options.

Houses in the City Center
For those who like mobility and do not want to get away from the city center, there are luxury housing options in the center. House types; Villa and apartment building. The room numbers are generally 1 + 1, 2 + 1.

Cyprus Real Estate Agency
We are at your service as Cyprus ProBuilder for Cyprus construction works. You can benefit from new projects of our company with suitable payment terms.

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