Discover the kitchen of North Cyprus!

Cyprus, which hosts many civilizations throughout history, offers not only natural beauties but also rich cuisine and different tastes.

Miracle of Halloumi!
“Have you ever see a doctor that doctor says to you you have to eat halloumi cheese more than one slice in a day? ”
You might be suprised after learned why we’ve started explaining Cypriot Kitchen with this question.
Let’s start to explain. If you live in Cyprus and you are under doctor control for a reason doctors probably suggest halloumi cheese.

Yes halloumi cheese. Because halloumi cheese is the most helpfull thing to keep less the risks of difficult to treat diseases. And the good things are not only limited with it. Halloumi cheese is also keep balanced of the calcium level of the teeth of calcium balance. We are like hearing there someother things can do this but it is wrong.

Halloumi cheese is preparing with %100 goat, cow and sheep milk. So you can find only calcium and other minerals on it when you want to make searching about the products.
Those ways make halloumi is the angel of health.

The most famous kebab of Cyprus: Şeftali Kebab
Or have ever lived an hysteric because of you could not explain Şeftali Kebab to your friends in your hometown?
Actually if we say its english name it will be more able to understand for Non Turkish speakers.

Şeftali means peach in english so the name become like a fruit kebap but it s not. Şeftali Kebab is preparing with lamb meat and this is most delicious lamb meat shape in whole around the world. After you eat the kebab it will be okay haveing the hysterics when triy to explain it to your friends.

Indispensable meal of the tables: Molehiya
While you handle those two undiscovered meals, Shall we ask have you ever heard “Molehiya”?
All we can say about the Molehiya this is the best shape of plant with meat. The meal prepare with lamb bone and lamb meat and Molehiya plant. After it came to the table for eat if you put lemon juice on it the flavour will be on top.

Here in our this blog we are only explained three different flavour of Cypriot Kitchen and it is stil undiscovered. All you have to do come and discover this real mediterranean kitchen.

For more blogs please keep in touch with us.

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