What are the advantages of making investment in North Cyprus?

The heart of North Cyprus is become a popular place with high profit real estate opportunities, fast growing economy and many investment ways. It’s especially work connected with foreign currency role in real estate bazaar against the Turkish Lira currency.

What’s it mean?
In North Cyprus local currency is Turkish Lira but in real estate Bazaar foreign currency, especially GBP, EURO and USD are only accepted. With this role real estate investments are has high profit in North Cyprus.
As secondly while real estate bazaar growing with this fast, tourism and education sector has the same act with real estate. In education sector growing so many students come to North Cyprus every year caused by the local universities.

How long time it takes to property buying period?

In North Cyprus our clients who buy property they can get their own title deed after have acceptance by government around 30 days. After this period with our professional team’s assist the steps can be done 4 or 6 months. In this period the owner don’t need to wait to finish paperwork process for rent or sale.

Where I have to buy property in North Cyprus?

You can make property investment especially the tourism center of Kyrenia the capital city of North Nicosia also Famagusta, Morphou and İskele.

Is it possible to buy property more than one?

In North Cyprus it is possible to buy property more then one. The sales opportunities can be change against the trader and real person.
Please contact with us about official sales opportunities.

What are the title deed types in North Cyprus?

There are three different types of title deeds in North Cyprus. These are Equilivant title deed, Turkish title deed and Allocation title deed.

Equilivant title deed: This is the title deed types of when Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots were had to make exchange their properties from south to north and north to south in 1974.

Turkish title deed: The title deed type which given to Turkish Cypriots and foreigners before 1974.

Allocation title deed: After 1974, this type of title deed given by the government of North Cyprus to holders and the expats.

May I rent my house and make money?

If you want to make money with your property investment in North Cyprus it is possible to rent your home daily and monthly the periods of the year. We can assist you in the in renting steps of your renting periods.