Hidden Corner of Mediterranean Paradise

In these days we all start to worry about our retirements.

Like “after get retired what i am going to do?” . The answer is simple as always. After spend many years for other persons start to live our own life. Get retirement payment and live well. But as the second question how i am going to live well with this much money in my hometown?

Also the answer of this question is simple feel free to move out from your town.

-To North Cyprus,
North Cyprus is getting better to live in these days caused by the lowest live costs.

For example,
A 1+1 bhk apartment near sea 10 minute distance to the city centre by car coming with 40.000 GBP price tag. Today it is hard to find a home with this specialty in Britain or any related state across the world. Even sea view specialty is a big plus for a person who spend the life with grey and rainy weather. We even not say other specialties like close location to the beaches and sunny weather .

A local brand car(Toyota,Nissan,Mazda or etc.)coming around 6.000/8.000 GBP price tag. We are sure that even the junkyards are expensive from those prices and you can check the prices and the model via local dealer websites. And you will see what we mean.

The bills and the others will be in turkish lira caused by the official currency. And those bills are came like nothing. They are around 20/30 GBP per month.(for normal use)

After we talked about those things let us explain the immigration rules. In North Cyprus if you buy a home you can get your own live permit for one year. And if you renew it till the 3rd year it will be unlimited deadline live permit so after 3rd year your would not need renew it. And if you live with an own live permit or a work permit caused by a local job you can apply for citizenship.

Today many European state gives citizenship or unlimited live permit via investment to their state but when they doing it they make your life with the paperwork processes however if we look to North Cyprus fort his way you need to follow only the route given by the government at all.

No long time paperwork process!!
No being insane for living in paradise!!
No stress !!

Only having fun in an unknown paradise….

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