Housing prices in North Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the 3 largest islands in the Mediterranean. These islands are Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus. There are two countries on the island of Cyprus. These are the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration. North Cyprus consists of %30 of the island. A large part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens reside in their homes with their families. For those who want to build a new house, housing prices in Cyprus are expensive. There are many reasons why housing prices are expensive. The first of these is an island country, the second reason is high logistic costs are reflected directly in the housing prices. New residences are constantly being built in Cyprus for those who local peoples or migrate here.

Real Estate Market
The high housing prices in North Cyprus make it difficult for people to have a home. In recent years, in Cyprus market starting to projects by many domestic and foreign companies increase in the number of houses have offset prices slightly. In order to meet the needs of yours, we have started construction of house options and projects in accordance with the budget of each sector in different regions of Girne. We provide services to everyone with our normal apartments and comfortable luxury villa projects that are suitable for your needs.

Real Estate Firms in Cyprus
The continuous immigration to Cyprus and the fact that it is a tourism area is constantly renewing its housing need. Cyprus, which is considered to be a good investment point in the real estate sector, has started to invest many construction companies from the UK, Russia and Israel. Lots of company has signed several projects in Cyprus for many resident construction. This made the price of luxury housing most affordable prices.

Market Prices
Our company which provides real estate and construction services has proven its experience in selling, buying and construction in Cyprus. With our consulting services, we offer our experience to our valued customers. We as Cyprus ProBuilder which has proven our quality in the sector we believe that we have proved our professionality by offering our experience to our valuable customers. Feel free to contact us for all the questions you are curious about.

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