How to get citizenship in North Cyprus with buying a home?

Do you want to make an investment for a Real Estate? If it is you have to add North Cyprus to your list.

Every foreigner can buy a home in North Cyprus,after all paperworks processed.Every foreign home owner can have own live permit for a year and if the owner renew it everyyear till 3rd year owner can have residence permit caused by home.

If the buyer live in North Cyprus 11 years with live permit or work permit owner can apply for a citizenship.Older then 65 years old buyers can get residence permit in act.

Sales steps are starting sign a sales contract, having legaly with doing payment the government stamp tax, registry the contract to the title deed and it is finish with the acceptance by the government.
Only for one time government doing title deed payment exemtion around %3.One property can see unlimited buy-sale. There is %6 title deed payment in second sale.

In buying more then one,if the title deed is necessary it is possible doing the paperwork process with husband/wife or any relative name and after that it is possible blocking the title deed with holder name.
At the same moment, if the buyer create an international capital company in North Cyprus, buyer can have unlimitied property in North Cyprus.

With registry the sales contract to the title deed, the buyer can be legally the owner of the property.
And also after whole those steps ofcourse the buyer can rent the property easly to who want to rent a home.

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