More than a home: LJ Park

Do you want to get retire when you are stil in work?
Think a location that it will take you to the paradise. But with some differences because of the location of it. The place that we are offering you also gives you your retirment when you stil have time tol ive your life near the long beaches, luxury hotels and many more. We bet that you so excited to learn the place.

We are talking about our brand new project LJ Park. Think a location that it take you to the other world when you stil have time complete your bucket list. Because of LJ Park might feel you as a Hollywood celebrity with the specialties of it. Central and lux location, being close to the famous hotels and seaside.

LJ Park also offering a specialty like one of the most famous garden design and pool entrance from one and only garden exit. This feature is one and only in LJ Park and you can’t see it another project accros the North Cyprus. We can say about that feature is a big wish for most of us. From 50 degree weather to your own pool. This might be enough to thanks to god.

Being close to Golf Court. After talked about special entrance to pool from your garden maybe most of you don’t want to even read any longer but we have more. In a sunny Sunday afternoon after breakfast in your garden and there s nothing to do. You can take your golf set and go for playing golf to your golf court neighbor. This can feel you better then staying at home. And give a big smile to your face.

When lots of those kind of features like long beaches, lux hotels, golf court, special pool entrance from your garden, giving retirment when you stil work met you would be live in like paradise.

LJ Park, “Think a location, feel yourself like in paradise”

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