New address for investors “North Cyprus”

The incentives and support programs of Northern Cyprus for investors have enabled investors to turn their route into North Cyprus.

North Cyprus attracts the attention of investors from the popular touristic countries, which can benefit from the sun for almost 12 months of the year, with its mild climate, beautiful beaches and fun life.

Investors are earning!
The incentives offered to direct investors and constructive and supportive government policies make North Cyprus a
great opportunity to invest.

The small but rapidly growing economy of Northern Cyprus provides an advantageous environment for those who plan to invest in the quality of the business environment and the efficiency of both trained and skilled workforce. According to the TRNC State Planning Organization’s Investment and Incentive Guidelines for Investors, the main objective of the TRNC’s investment policy is to accelerate economic development, to increase the competitiveness of the economy, to mobilize potential resources, to increase the efficiency of the private enterprise in the economy and to encourage foreign capital to invest in the country.

Super encouragement from government to investor
The State Planning Organization provides an incentive certificate to entrepreneurs who want to invest in TRNC, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign investors. Incentives applied to entrepreneurs and investors who have received an Incentive Certificate; There are many special incentives including investment allowance, customs duty and fund exemption, value added tax application in machinery and equipment purchases, tax, fee and contribution exemption related to construction permit, and stamp duty reduction related to capital increases.

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