Nicosia’s to do list?

You might start to hear in these days a new holiday location like North Cyprus, Lefkoşa. Lefkoşa is the capital city of North Cyprus. If you had not visited this undiscovered place you can start to look for the flight ticket.

If you visited you allready may know that is an undiscovered paradise.

In this article, we will give some advice on what can be done in Nicosia, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Do not forget to visit the Surlariçi of Nicosia to visit the modern city where you can visit the city. Modern architecture have never super close that much to Greek mythology.

Dereboyu Street
Most Turkish immigrants and tourists calls that street is the ”Istiklal street” of North Cyprus because of the shop stores and worldwide brands. The street can give to the shoppinglovers unforgettable moments.

Barbarian Museum
A small house that has been turned into a museum today, still hiding the traces of the ”Bloody New Year”. It may be the worst example of disagreements after 1960, but the common idea of ​​the most Cypritos today, is only a historical museum. Caused by the their ”United Cyprus” wish.

Shakolas Tower (South Nicosia)
This most important point for the visit because of the wiev and the timeline of the city. You can enter the tower after the entrance of H&M store and have fun in 11th floor with the city wiev.

Selimiye Mosque and Municipality Market
Originally this mosque which was changed as Selimiye mosque in the Ottoman siege from the Sophia Cathedral in the 1500s. When you visit there you also can reach a different dimension of the historical texture, and you can buy souvenirs from the nearby market.

Turkish bath
You should experience this experience in Turkish baths in South Nicosia and Northern Nicosia.

Venetian Column
Most local peoples knows that 6 Vetenian family transfered this column from a Salamis located temple to the Lefkosa in 1550s.

Public market
You should try the products sale in this market where 100% organic fruits and vegetables are sale and created by local people.

Drink coffee at the ”Big Han”
One of the places where you can drink your coffee good dialogs and you can buy souvenirs for your relatives.

Kyrenia Gate
Built in Venetians period, renovated in Ottoman period. You should absolutely visit this place and if you are a history lover you can get best poses when you around. The name is ”Girne Kapısı(Kyrenia Gate)” because of it is in the Kyrenia road.

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