North Cyprus apartment prices

Cyprus, which has many entertainment places and natural beauty, attracts the attention of holidaymakers as well as those who want to make housing investments.

You can get consultancy about buying apartments and villas of different sizes and properties in Cyprus. Your preferred property may vary in the TRNC due to its location and features. The location of the house is among the elements that determine its value. In addition to these features, architecture and design are among the factors determining the price. You can have a comfortable life in our apartments and houses with the support and assurance of our company’s expert staff.

North Cyprus apartment prices
The apartment price of TRNC not for only re-locating to Cyprus,
it is also th persons who want to move or having their holidays in their owned home in Cyprus from Turkey or other 3rd states.
You can contact us about the topic and start enjoying your holiday in the comfort of the island.

Prices and conditions of purchase
It is useful to know that you cannot own a property without completing some bureaucratic procedures in TRNC. If you are not a TRNC citizen, you have to use the property purchase permission before you buy an apartment. We also recommend that you begin trading after carefully planning your investment decision as only one apartment is allowed to buy. You can get the most comprehensive information from our professional consultants.

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