North Cyprus Housing

Cyprus; In the south of Anatolia, the island is the 3 largest in the Mediterranean region. It is also defined by the names of the motherland or paradise island. Cyprus is an island with excellent Mediterranean climate scenery, incredible beaches and four seasons of natural beauty and history. Various beaches and intertwined historical culture nowadays, many people have started to make housing preferences from Cyprus. The climate of North Cyprus is suitable for all seasons.

What should we pay attention to when buying housing in North Cyprus?

  • Land registration of the house,
  • Who owns the house,
  • The existing shares of the house,
  • Whether there is a right to use the housing,
  • Whether the mortgage is mortgage or not,
  • Whether there is an injunction for the sale of the house,
  • The existence and availability of the floor servitude of the house,
  • Whether the establishment of the house constitutes an obstacle,
  • Whether the independent part of the house is registered with the title deed,
  • Residential area,
  • Housing management plan,
  • The title deeds of the owner of the land on which the house is located should be examined and approved.

Importance of Reconstruction in North Cyprus

  • Whether the zoning plans of the dwelling and upper scale development plans, if any,
  • Whether the residence has a construction permit,
  • Whether the main part of the house and its independent area, if any, and whether it is suitable for the project and whether there is a tax debt before the housing,
  • The current real estate value of the house,
  • Whether the house has a situation that may be subject to the Decision of the Monuments Committee,
  • Whether Iski, Ministry of Environment and Forestry has a decision regarding the provision,
  • Whether the housing has a problem with housing,
  • The earthquake situation in the area where the house is located, issues should be examined.

Why choose housing in North Cyprus?
Northern Cyprus has become a favorite of many investors who wish to have housing in recent years. One of the main reasons for this situation is the appropriate price policy. It is the first region comparison of each residential buyer. The Cypriot housing market is very attractive to housing buyers at incredibly affordable prices. While the choice of housing in Cyprus is attractive, it is not only a favorable price policy, but also attracts buyers in terms of country silhouette, sea, calmness, safety and climate. The banks, which are aware of this demand, reduced the bureaucracy to the minimum level for housing loans to housing buyers. a citizen of Turkey and other countries are now easily be able to have all homes in Cyprus and processing times may be shorter.

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