North Cyprus real estate market and sector

North Cyprus, or the so-called other name the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus nowadays, has proved by the value of investment has gained value in many sectors, including the real estate sector for most people those who wants have their holiday. Surrounded by the sea, wonderful Mediterranean climate, undiscovered cuisine is often attracted by foreign investors as well as domestic. This causes the boundaries of the real estate sector on the island accelerates the value of investments. In particular, the investments made by foreign investors to the island raised the prices of the market.

TRNC real estate market and housing prices
Cyprus is a safe island, climate and natural beauties have attracted the attention of investors have carried this situation to the present. However, because of the fact that Cyprus is an island country and has shared the island with the Greek Cypriot administration, there have been some prohibitions in the country. Restriction has been imposed or prohibited on the construction of buildings at some points due to the prohibition of zoning. This issue has increased the real estate prices in this island, which is seen by domestic and foreign investors, more than normal values. The same situation is also valid for land sales. Quota is put on the agenda.

Cyprus is one of the locations that still allows you to find housing at the lowest price among Mediterranean countries.

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