Tips for Buying Property in North Cyprus

In North Cyprus, you can reach Cyprus ProBuilder with the consultancy service you have provided to all the necessary information about the purchase of property. In some cases, the Internet and forum pages may not be helpful for acquiring property from a country, especially when it comes to this situation, and it can be very helpful if you get help from specialized people. It would be more useful to visit North Cyprus several times in advance, and to learn about the beauty of the island and its unique history, then to make a study of property acquisition.

Generally, you can find a few of the questions about the purchase of property from abroad and some of the reciprocal questions.

  1. Why are you interested in buying property abroad? (Retirement – Holiday – Investment)
  2. What kind of financial work do you intend to do about the property you want to buy? (Payment in cash – Post-installment – With bonds on abroad)
  3. Is it necessary to work with the lawyer to carry out the procedures?
  4. What are the costs associated with transferring money from abroad?
  5. What do you know about the purchase or sale of property?
  6. Do you consider renting your property while you are abroad?
  7. How can you bring your belongings from abroad to North Cyprus and insure them?
  8. What are the costs that may arise in the purchase of property?

You can visit our office and answer the questions of the above and other questions that may arise and start a comprehensive infrastructure related to the purchase of property in Northern Cyprus. .

As Cyprus ProBuilder, we will provide you with information on all the costs you will encounter during the purchase process in Northern Cyprus, as well as all necessary transactions related to the property you are planning to purchase in the state offices.

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