Why North Cyprus?

Buying a Real Estate in North Cyprus every time can be a high profit business to investors who knows their job very well in their business life.

If they want they can have own live permit and if they renew it every year till third year after buying it can be a residence permit and if they keep their life there after 11 years they can apply for a citizenship without doing a lot of paperwork process like Europe union countries or other.

Or as a second selection when they have those abilities when they buy a property in North Cyprus and also for many peoples who made those kind of business in North Cyprus they can rent or sale their properties after GBP currency up.

Yes, it is true. North Cyprus real estate sales bazaar everytime works with GBP currency caused by being an old British colony and British people population in North Cyprus. In North Cyprus the currency is in normally TRY but when the times come to buy or rent a property it is hard to find a property with official currency. And this is making this business a high profit business North Cyprus.

In North Cyprus when doing a business like constructor the payments comes lower then GBP the currency is USD and EURO but when everything done and came to sales step it is become a high profit job cause the currency become GBP.
Even for this reason when a foreign constructor heard this thing they turn their way to North Cyprus and if they can’t create a company in North Cyprus they are start to make valueable partnership offers to local constructors. Caused by the value of GBP.

And it is nice money saving for the wishes of owner.
In all around the world there is a rule like if an invest come back in 5 years it every time calls like a profited invest. The real estate invests come back to hand only in 3 years in that example and it shows it is how profited.
The rule is everytime simple making invest to North Cyprus real estate/construction bazaar is everytime a high profit business caused by GBP currency. In that calculating example there is not even villas and bungalows. If we are going calculate those properties income the numbers can become unbelievable.

”Think of a state that,
Doing vacation when you are live,
Earning money when you are vacation,
And no stress when you are earning money.”

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